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“We will push forward a step toward public economy, peace, and full elimination of the deep-rooted evil”

Chairperson of Democratic Party, Lee Hae-Chan

Greetings, this is Chairperson of Democratic Party, Lee Hae-Chan.
I sincerely welcome you to the website of Democratic Party.
I would also like to thank all of you and the people who supported Democratic Party to move toward becoming the true ruling party,
national party, and popular party.

The Moon Jae-in administration and Democratic Party have only followed the orders of the people for the past year.
Putting behind 70 years of history of the division and confrontation,
we announced the beginning of a new Korean peninsula of peace and prosperity.

It was time where we laid down the foundations of a nation-like nation,
setting the demolished constitutional order right.

Now, it is the second year in power.
I would like to approach the people bringing change and achievements by hurrying my steps toward
"public economy, peace and full elimination of the deeply-rooted evil.“
I will create an economy where we live together that will lead economic growth that the people can feel for real.
I will create sustainable peace on the Korean peninsula through complete denuclearization,
declaration of the end of war, and peace agreement.
I will not create another source of deep-rooted evil that will leave alone the evil in the face of resistance of the vested rights.

Democratic Party will keep the orders of the people and candlelight spirit in the heart and mind,
and will move forward unfalteringly to fulfill the tasks of the time with the conviction
that victory of the people is the victory of Democratic Party.

In this process, I will not forget my efforts to communicate with and have conversations with the people and the members of the National Assembly.

Please always be with me holding the same faith and support you have now.

Thank you.