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Democratic Party represents the Republic of Korea, priding itself on a long history and rich traditions.

Our Party pursues justice, safety, integration, prosperity and peace as our core values. We endeavor to build a country where people can lead happy lives while dreaming and hoping for a better future for all—inclusive of both working people and the middle class.

The history of our Party can be defined through struggle, hope and victory. We fought against separation, dictatorship and the privileged. We fervently hoped for peace and unification; democracy and a prosperous livelihood for the people; as well as justice and welfare. We recently celebrated a historical election win with the people.

Democratic Party will work hard to deliver justice as well as create a democratic country founded on tolerance and integration in pursuit of national integration. We will make Korea a brighter country filled with hope of a stronger middle class and upward mobility for working people.

Moreover, our Party will endeavor to fulfill the roles and obligations taken on by Korea as a member of the international community with earnest until the world becomes a more peaceful place.